NACO began its scholarship program in 1999 when it presented six high school seniors with $500 awards each to be used toward their post-secondary educations.  Since 2004, NACO has presented twelve high school seniors with $1000 awards each to be used toward their post-secondary educations. The scholarship program is open to graduating seniors whose parent or step-parent is a current county official or employee.  Scholarships are available for one year and are non-renewable.

To be considered, students must complete the required application form, submit a seven-semester transcript from an accredited Nebraska high school and prepare a written essay on the importance of county government.

Scholarship recipients must plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution within the state of Nebraska and may use the NACO scholarship for any costs associated with their continuing education.


2021 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Mackenzie Sudbeck
Rhonda Dix Memorial Scholarship
Cedar Northeast
Sadie Birky Fillmore Southeast
Austin Branch Cuming Northeast
Sierra Bryant Lancaster Southeast
Ashton Davis Sheridan Panhandle
Ty Engel Nance Northeast
Claire Lindsay Wayne Northeast
Elizabeth Locke Stanton Northeast
Sydney McKay Madison Northeast
Camryn Morgan Howard Central
Taylor Scheuneman Webster Central
Savanna Stevens Keith West Central
Alissa Vlasak Saline Southeast

2020 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Haley Weber
Rhonda Dix Memorial Scholarship
Saline Southeast
Abby Miller Saunders Southeast
Ashton Erickson Hayes West Central
Brooke Meister Cuming Northeast
Dean Wiegert Lancaster Southeast
Adrienne Olson Garden Panhandle
Emily Richards Sarpy Southeast
James Wetovick Nance Northeast
Jonathan Wetovick Nance Northeast
Madison Woodring Furnas West Central
Nolan Eatherton Buffalo Central
Trinity Seery Cuming Northeast
Andrew Lindemeier Lincoln West Central

2019 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Amya Harris-Harper
Rhonda Dix Memorial Scholarship
Sarpy Southeast
Trysha Brierly Dawes Panhandle
Troy Cooley, Jr. Douglas Southeast
Daniel Fleischer Clay Central
Colby Grossart Greeley Central
Logan Gustafson Nance Northeast
Madison Jones Sarpy Southeast
Sadie Lamplot Cuming Northeast
Garret Malander Nance Central
Carson Morgan Howard Central
Carter Ossian Butler Southeast
Tiana Rice Morrill Panhandle
Conner Stevens Keith West Central

2018 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Gretchen Sornson
Rhonda Dix Memorial Scholarship
Otoe Southeast
Raegan Andresen Saunders Southeast
Colby Camelin Washington Northeast
Easton Clark Lincoln West Central
Cara DeMers Hamilton Central
Nick Wordekemper Dawes Panhandle
Katelyn Fischer Cedar Northeast
Hope Gubbels Dakota Northeast
Sheyenne Hammond Cherry West Central
Camry Moore Saline Southeast
Sophia Svanda Cass Southeast
Dalton Tremayne Thurston Northeast
Kyla Wallinger Holt Northeast

2017 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Ann Nordby
Rhonda Dix Memorial Scholarship
Holt Northeast
Tim Bonham Sarpy Southeast
Shauna Coborn Sheridan Panhandle
Hannah Fleischer Clay Central
Emily Flint Custer Central
Baylee Goff Lancaster Southeast
Morgan Konen Adams Central
William Reiter Butler Southeast
Andrew Schmidt Cedar Northeast
Whitney Steckel Loup Central
Logan Sampson Douglas Southeast
Brielle Weverka Furnas West Central
Luke Witte Lancaster Southeast

2016 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Kasey Clifford Hayes West Central
Paige Cross Banner Panhandle
Austin Freeman Pierce Northeast
Megan Giese Dodge Northeast
Jasmine Jallen Cheyenne Panhandle
Ashlyn Lang Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Josie Minor Lancaster Southeast
McKenzie Paulison Douglas Southeast
Sarah Ruzicka Hall Central
Jacob Schaub Cheyenne Panhandle
Jace Walther Frontier West Central
Andrew White Sarpy Southeast

2015 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Braxton Bellamy Buffalo Central
Collin Freeman Pierce Northeast
Alexius Hartman Nuckolls Central
Josiah Johnson Lancaster Southeast
Hayley Kaiser Keith West Central
Emma Lindemeier Lincoln West Central
Alex Lupher Scotts Bluff Panhandle
John Radil Valley Central
Logan Riege Otoe Southeast
Andrew Rutt Adams Central
Hannah Schievelbein Deuel Panhandle
Sydni Stevens Keith West Central

2014 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Molly Burbach Wayne Northeast
Clay Cohon Brown Northeast
Ian Fuchtman Knox Northeast
Benjamin Hostetler Banner Panhandle
Heather Knapp Madison Northeast
Marlee Lupher Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Robert Morrissey Douglas Southeast
Sara Pinkelman Cedar Northeast
Megan Pohlen Lancaster Southeast
Kara Riggle Jefferson Southeast
Riley Ruzicka Hall Central
Kayla Stenger Lincoln West Central

2013 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Amy Ahlers Boone Northeast
Sapphire Andersen Hamilton Central
Nolan Dethlefs Howard Central
Siara Fritz Knox Northeast
Alex Gurciullo Lincoln West Central
Kamara Hackerott Madison Northeast
Mitchell Heavican Colfax Northeast
Jordan Hoeft Phelps Central
Grady Frickey Buffalo Central
Ryan Taylor Box Butte Panhandle
Hannah Walgren Polk Central
Carley Yates Fillmore Southeast

2012 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Cameron Aitken Howard / Sherman Central
Alyssa Blair Pierce Northeast
Ty Elsner Sherman Central
Alyssa Ferrazzo Douglas Southeast
Jessica Gehr Lancaster Southeast
Brooke Langemeier Polk Central
Kurt Lawler Keith West Central
Morgan Malander Nance Northeast
Riley Racicky Greeley Central
Colby Schildt Morrill Panhandle
Andrew Vinton Hooker West Central
Payton Wragge Pierce Northeast

2011 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Hannah Bauer Jefferson Southeast
Loyd Wayne Deaver Perkins West Central
Emily Greitens Dodge Northeast
Lauren Hoeft Phelps Central
Karrah Johnson Knox Northeast
Terrel Koch Lincoln West Central
Marissa Kovanda Nuckolls Central
Taylor Walgren Polk Central
Jordan Walther Frontier West Central
Samuel Wiarda Hamilton Central
Emily Wood Red Willow West Central
Nicholas Yardley Sheridan Panhandle

2010 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Dillon Barta Knox Northeast
Kate Brown Nuckolls Central
Rosanne Goerl Hall Central
Allison Gray Phelps Central
Matthew Johnson Clay Central
Jamie Meister Cuming Northeast
Brandy Newbanks Kimball Panhandle
Kelsey O'Dea Red Willow West Central
Grace Pfingston Dodge Northeast
Keaton Schweitzer Seward Southeast
Triniti Smith Furnas West Central
Kelsey Wetovick Nance Northeast

2009 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Clifford, Luke Hayes West Central
Dallmann, Seth Saline Southeast
Fritz, McKayla Knox Northeast
Gerdes, Courtney Phelps/Frontier
Hostetler, Hannah Banner Panhandle
Knapp, Ethan Madison Northeast
Krotter, Andrew Holt Northeast
Nolte, Michaela Lancaster Southeast
Spanyers, Erica Saline Southeast
Stenger, Brandon Lincoln West Central
Stewart, Benjamin Dawson Central
Swartzendruber, Krista Fillmore Southeast

2008 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Daiss, Brett Adams Central
Fox, Natalie Phelps Central
Ingalsbe, Danielle Sheridan Panhandle
Kozisek-Seher, Holly Seward Southeast
Kroeger, Collin Colfax Northeast
Lunz, Kristina Dixon Northeast
Mytty, Austin Dodge Northeast
Smith, Brent Dixon Northeast
Spanyers, Morgan Saline Southeast
Straetker, Mindi Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Thomas, Russell Keith West Central
York, Candice Knox Northeast

2007 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Cedfeldt, Caitlin Washington Northeast
Eurek, Nicholas Sherman Central
George, John Dodge Northeast
Kincaid, Molly Buffalo Central
Kreikemeier, Mary Cuming Northeast
Mach, Karen Butler Southeast
Markert, Lyndsey Nemaha Southeast
McCormick, Jacqueline Sioux Panhandle
McNutt, Lindsey Red Willow West Central
Ryan, Justin Keith West Central
Straetker, Jonathan Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Tienken, Samantha Dodge Northeast

2006 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Bloomquist, Jordan Gage Southeast
Cooper, Jeffrey Deuel Panhandle
DeJong, Kathryn Seward Southeast
Hanson, Jordan Cherry West Central
Krueger, Elmer Webster Central
Lyons, Julia Red Willow West Central
Missel, Jennifer Dodge Northeast
Scheer, Stacy Madison Northeast
Schweitzer, Brooke Seward Southeast
Snyder, Sarah Gosper West Central
Stewart, William Dawson Central
Vlcek, Geoffry         Douglas Southeast

2005 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Banks, Emily Knox Northeast
Dexter, Brady Holt Northeast
Edwards, Amber Lincoln West Central
Fox, Michael Jefferson Southeast
Gewecke, Trisha Clay Central
Hammer, Amanda Franklin Central
Hassebrook, Ryan Butler Southeast
Husk, Sara Washington Northeast
Meyer, Nathaniel Nuckolls Central
Mitteis, Maggie Sherman Central
Nienhueser, Heidi Cheyenne Panhandle
Powell, Michael Furnas West Central

2004 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Davis, Chavonn Loup Central
Davis, Robyn Rock Northeast
Freburg- Hoffmeister, Danielle Phelps/Buffalo Central
Goll, Margaret Burt Northeast
Kohler, Daniel Fillmore Southeast
Laun II, Billy Pawnee Southeast
Lehechka, Matthew Hall Central
Perlinger, Traci Perkins West Central
Smith, Jayme Kearney Central
Straetker, Bernard Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Tamke, Bryan Dodge Northeast
Leslie, Tienken Dodge Northeast

2003 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Borchers, Jason Madison Northeast
Dailey, Jonathan Dawes Panhandle
Griess, Beth Clay Central
Henk, Samantha Seward Southeast
Logsdon, Micheal Perkins West Central
McClelland, Ann Furnas West Central
Meyer, Michelle Sarpy Southeast
Paulsen, Allison Washington Northeast
Ryschon, Sarah Kimball Panhandle
Schmidt, Wade Nuckolls Central
Stokes, Anita Boone Northeast
Thorberg, Brad Boone Northeast

2002 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Dux, Andrew Jefferson Southeast
Elliott, Jill Cherry West Central
Fast, Christina M. Cuming Northeast
Lyons, Laura Red Willow West Central
Mauch, Kaeley Douglas Southeast
McGill, Kristin Brown Northeast
Oltjenbruns, Ashley Pierce Northeast
Powell, Erin Furnas West Central
Southwick, Mary Jefferson Southeast
Thomas, JoAnna Keith West Central
Weaver, Crystal Lincoln West Central
Williams, Jacob Buffalo Central

2001 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Anderson, Kelly Douglas Southeast
Cradduck, Micheal Fillmore Southeast
Faesser, Diana Pawnee Southeast
Kowalski, Derek Sherman Central
Lloyd, Heather Platte Northeast
Meyer, Zachary Merrick Central
Neujahr, Hollie Polk Central
Nordhues, Michelle Greeley Central
Oakley, Stacy Nemaha Southeast
Pallas, Tori Saline Southeast
Postany, Jarett Loup Central
Tietz, Lyndi Wayne Northeast

2000 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Student County District
Griess, Amy Clay Central
Iles, Allison Cass Southeast
Kamler, Jonathon Sherman Central
Melroy, Allisha Phelps Central
Neuhalfen, Kristle Dodge Northeast
Rauner, Lynn Thayer Southeast
Ryschon, Amie Kimball Panhandle
Stahr, Brian York Central
Staples, Morgan Keith West Central
Weaver, Nathan Furnas West Central
Wineman, Sarah Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Yardley, Kris Sheridan Panhandle

1999 NACO Scholarship Recipients

Carr, Mikayla Brown Northeast
Rosenberry, Nick Scotts Bluff Panhandle
Thomas, Emmy Lou Keith West Central
Tietz, Brent Wayne Northeast
Waite, Laurel Douglas Southeast
Wenburg, Chris Furnas West Central