NACO Leasing Corporations's Lease Purchase Program

Provided by D.A. Davidson

What NACO Delivers

  • An ability to accelerate plans for the future
  • Complete loan documentation
  • Financing all types of purchases: computer equipment, construction projects, county vehicles (cars, vans, etc.), grounds equipment, heavy machinery, instructional equipment/materials, office equipment, patrol vehicles, remodeling projects, road equipment, technological equipment
  • Flexibility
  • Flexible payments and terms
  • Low interest rates
  • Prompt, personal service, including analysis of various repayment options
  • Refinancing of existing leases at low interest rates

To explore financing with NACO, or for more information, please contact:

NACO Leasing Corporation

Nebraska Association of County Officials
Jon Cannon
1335 H Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Phone: 402.434.5660
Fax: 402.434.5673

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