NACO Group Health Insurance Program

Since July 1, 1980, the NACO Group Health Insurance Program has been providing county officials, employees and their family members affordable, comprehensive coverage administered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. This program is viewed as an invaluable employee benefit by many counties.

The NACO plan is fully funded and fully reserved. Monthly premium rates represent a subscriber’s total liability. There are no accumulating hidden charges or costs associated with the plan. There are no broker commissions included in the monthly premiums. Nearly 90 percent of premiums are used to pay coverage benefits. Any premiums paid in excess of claims paid are placed in the NACO Health Trust Fund, and these trust funds may only be used to "buy down" subsequent rate increases, effectively holding down the costs for all NACO plan members.

Under the NACO plan, counties may use the BluePreferred plan. This plan offers multiple options, including deductibles and co-pay amounts.  An added benefit is participation in the national Blue Card program.  Under this program, employees and their covered family members can receive in-network PPO benefits even when medical care is received outside Nebraska from Blue Cross and Blue Shield's national listing of participating providers.  In the last year alone, NACO members received benefits for medical care in 41 different states through this program.

Also available to counties through the NACO Group Health Insurance Plan is optional dental insurance coverage. NACO also provides free of charge to all subscribers of the NACO Health Insurance Plan up to $15,000 in term life insurance and $15,000 of accidental death and dismemberment insurance through Madison Life Insurance Company.  NACO provides free of charge to all subscribers of the NACO Health Insurance Plan a Long Term Disability benefit that provides up to 50% of salary up to a maximum monthly benefit of $833 through Madison National Life Insurance Company.

Overseeing the NACO plan is the NACO Health Insurance Committee, comprised of seven county officials/employees appointed from across the State of Nebraska, the NACO executive director and general counsel. The NACO Officers also participate in an ex-officio capacity. It is the responsibility of these individuals to ensure the plan provides the best possible coverage for all plan subscribers.

Counties enjoy and depend on the benefits of the NACO plan because it spreads the claims risk over a large group, resulting in stable and affordable coverage for subscribers.

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To learn more about NACO's Group Health Insurance Program, or for more information, please contact:

Nebraska Association of County Officials
Mike Boden
1335 H Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Phone: 402.434.5660
Fax: 402.434.5673

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
Cortney Ray
Director- Govt./Association Accounts
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