Sustaining Members

The Nebraska Association of County Officials is pleased to recognize the following businesses enrolled in the NACO Sustaining Membership Program.

Established in 1993, the Sustaining Membership Program provides representatives of the private sector with an opportunity to become non-voting, dues-paying members of NACO and, through their membership fees, contribute toward the continuing education programs that NACO provides for county officials.

Associate & Sustaining Membership Application Form

  • Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.
    720 Cool Springs Boulevard, Ste 100
    Franklin, TN 37067
    Telephone: 309.272.3408

    Provider of Medical Care, Mental Health Care and Business Services to Correctional Facilities

    Contact: Karen Peters
  • Ameresco
    111 Speen Street, Ste 410
    Framingham, MA 01701
    Telephone: 508.661.2200

    Comprehensive Energy Services

    Contact: David Goebel,
    Area Manager
  • Ameritas
    5900 O Street
    Lincoln, NE 68510
    Telephone: 402.467.7117

    Insurance, Employee Benefits, Finanical Services

    Contact: Penny Asher,
    Senior Account and Client Consultant
  • Ayars & Ayars
    2436 N 48th Street
    Lincoln, NE 68504
    Telephone: 402.435.8600

    Design and Build

    Contact: Darl Naumann,
    Marketing and Sales
  • Barco Municipal Products Inc
    PO Box 45507
    Omaha, NE 68415
    Telephone: 402.334.8002

    Construction Equipment

  • Berggren Architects
    1201 O Street #302
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Telephone: 402.475.0597

    Architecture / Historic Preservation

    Contact: Jerry Berggren,
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
    1233 Lincoln Mall, Suite 100
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Telephone: 402.458.4800
    FAX: 402.392.7908

    Health Insurance Provider

    Contact: Brett Young,
    Strategic Accounts
  • Ceres
    2501 N 20th Street
    Omaha, NE 68110
    Telephone: 913.593.5621

    Nonprofit Driving Economic Change and Sustainability

    Contact: Dave Watson,
    Director of Business Development
  • D.A. Davidson & Company
    450 Regency Parkway, Suite 400
    Omaha, NE 68114
    Telephone 402.392.7972
    FAX: 402.392.7908

    Bond Finance/Lease-Purchase

    Contact:  Paul J. Grieger,
    Managing Director
  • Enbridge
    441 Landmark Drive, Ste 200
    Casper, WY, 82609
    Telephone: 307.233.6225

    Pipeline-Energy Infrastructure

    Contact: Cheryl Howard,
    Stakeholder Engagement Advisor
  • First Concord Benefits Group
    P.O. Box 67220
    Lincoln, NE 68506
    Telephone: 402.423.4454
    FAX: 402.423.4549

    Employee Benefits

    Contact: Dee Sawyer,
    Vice-President, Marketing
  • gWorks
    3905 S 148th Street, Ste 200
    Omaha, NE 68144
    Telephone: 402.316.3510

    GIS Consultant

    Contact: Quinton Randel,
    Director of Marketing
  • Horizon Signal Technologies, Inc
    5 Corporate Boulevard
    Reading, PA 19608
    Telephone: 800.852.8796

    Portable Traffic Lights

    Contact: Andrew Harris,
    Regional Sales Manager
  • John Day Company
    6263 Abbott Drive
    Omaha, NE 68110
    Telephone: 402.455.8000 ext. #3025
    Toll Free: 800.767.2273
    Fax: 402.457.3881

    Ag, Industrial, Safety & Material Handling Products

    Contact: Kent Zimmerman,
    Vice President, Ag Division, Sales Manager
  • Martin Marietta
    2710 Wycliff Road
    Raleigh, NC 27607
    Telephone: 515.697.3406

    Supplier of Construction Aggregates and Heavy Building Materials

    Contact: Shondra McLaughlin,
    HR Administrator
  • Motorola Solutions
    500 W Monroe Street, Ste 4400
    Chicago, IL 60661
    Telephone: 410.794.6636

    Mission-Critical Communications Products, Solutions & Services

    Contact: Brandon Winchester
  • Murphy Tractor
    5375 N Deere Road
    Park City, KS 67219
    Telephone: 316.945.1015
    FAX: 316.942.1542

    John Deere Equipment Dealership

    Contact: Jake Schmidtlein,
    Marketing Director
  • National Insurance Services
    250 S Executive Drive
    Brookfield, WI 53005
    Telephone: 262.785.9995

    Employee Benefits Solutions for Public Sector Organizations
    Contact: Kim Yost
  • Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust
    721 South 14th St.
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Cell: 402-440-3574
    Office: 800-640-8817
    Fax: 515-243-4992

    Alternative Investment Tool for Public Agencies

    Contact: Walker Zulkoski,
    Marketing Consultant
  • NFIT (Program from Union Bank & Trust)
    6801 South 27th Street
    Lincoln, NE 68512
    Telephone: 402.323.1799

    Financial Program for Nebraska Public Agencies

    Contact: Candi Sanders,
    Assistant Vice President & Relationship Manager
    11002 Sapp Bros. Dr.
    Omaha, NE 68138
    Telephone: 402.891.8600
    FAX: 402.891.7600

    Construction and Road Equipment

    Contact: Lisa Mendez,
    Marketing Specialist
  • OpenGov
    PO Box 41340
    San Jose, CA 95160
    Telephone: 215.946.1880

    Cloud Platform for Government Operations

    Contact: Jason Carian,
    Strategic Account Executive
  • RDO Truck Centers
    8400 W O Street
    Lincoln, NE 68528
    Telephone: 402.475.8471

    Mack Truck Dealership-Hino Dealership

    Contact: TJ Novak,
    General Manager
  • State of Nebraska - UNL
    110211 Agricultural Hall
    Lincoln, NE 68583
    Telephone: 402.472.2966

    Educational Institution

    Contact: Keith Niemann,
    Emeritus Director, Nebraska Extension
  • TNT Cyber Solutions
    43710 North 44th Drive
    New River, AZ 85087
    Telephone: 602.563.6811

    IT Services and Support

    Contact: Chad DeRocher,
  • True North Steel
    702 13th Avenue
    West Fargo, ND 58078
    Telephone: 701.371.0629

    Steel-Based Solutions for Projects in a Variety of Industries

    Contact: Scott Hensley,
    Director of Sales - Drainage
  • Unique Paving Materials
    3993 East 93rd Street
    Cleveland, OH 44105
    Telephone: 216.441.4880

    High Performance Road Maintenance & Repair Products

    Contact: Mike Boubek,
    Account Executive